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If you are unfamiliar with the treatment Zoom teeth whitening, our team is eager to let you know that it is a high-quality professional teeth whitening treatment that safely bleaches away deep discoloration and tooth stains. Despite being very powerful, Zoom doesn’t harm the tooth enamel or compromise the inner dental structure. We offer the following information to help you learn more about the nature of Zoom teeth whitening and whether it’s the ideal treatment for you:

– We can utilize Zoom teeth whitening to address unwanted stains that dull your smile, such as stains caused by consuming wine, tea, soda, coffee or fruit juice, which are staining agents.
– The base is a powerful hydrogen peroxide solution that enables Zoom teeth whitening to soak deep into the teeth to improve the appearance of staining and discoloration on your teeth.
– The average time length for Zoom treatment is about 60 minutes, and the first treatment alone can noticeably whiten and brighten your smile.
– If you are interested in receiving a custom at-home teeth whitening kit, we can provide one to touch up your results and remove new stains.
– Keep in mind that despite the powerful effect of Zoom teeth whitening, it doesn’t actually prevent more tooth stains from developing. To keep your smile from becoming stained, avoid tooth-staining foods and other products.

We invite you to arrange a consultation with our dentist, Dr. Brendan Loehr at Britex Dental by calling 512-782-4092 today if you are interested in trying Zoom teeth whitening here in Austin, Texas. Let us help you get your best smile!