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How effective are your plaque prevention techniques? Are you taking the necessary steps to eliminate plaque through the use of oral hygiene, lifestyle choices, and dietary choices? In order to ensure your smile can continue to function as intended, it is important to make sure plaque buildup does not build up. Plaque is a thin layer of of film that contains bacteria that found on your teeth and gums. It is a major factor in gum disease and tooth decay.

Eliminating plaque buildup from your mouth depends heavily on the effectiveness of your oral health care routine. This includes brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing once a day as well. This can reduce the plaque that builds up on your teeth. However, you cannot remove all of the plaque in your mouth, and a dental hygienist will need to remove the plaque you could not reach before it hardens into tartar. Tartar, once it reaches below your gum can give rise to gum disease.

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