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Were you aware that the foods you eat can change the welfare of your teeth? It’s true! We’ve got a bit of excellent news to share with you today: one of the world’s most adored foods is on the list of foods okay to eat! Keep reading to find out more about this oral superfood and how it can strengthen and defend your teeth.

Cheese is one of the most useful foods for your teeth. According to the serial General Dentistry, consuming cheese can increase the pH in the mouths of those who eat it. This means there will be less bacterial acids (and more basic compounds) in the mouth, and the weakened acids should lead to less tooth erosion! While we don’t recommend seeking out cheese-flavored toothpaste anytime soon, a tiny bit of cheese can be a great addition to any meal if you’re looking to toughen your teeth. Additionally, cheese contains calcium, protein and other nutrients that fortify the exterior layers of teeth and chewing cheese might increase the development of spit, which protects the mouth from cavities in multiple ways.

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