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Have you ever suffered from bad breath before, also known as halitosis? The odds are you have, as it is a frequent condition that has affected almost every person alive. Even simple foods and drinks that you consume, such as coffee, onions, and garlic, can cause bad breath to arise. However, stronger forms of bad breath that are not easily treated can be caused by other numerous factors including poor oral hygiene, unhealthy lifestyle habits, and underlying oral health ailments within the body. Listed below are a few of your options for treating bad breath:

– Mouthwash is one of the most effective forms of bad breath treatment as it can help kill bacteria and neutralize bad breath.

– Practice effective oral health care routines including brushing twice daily and flossing once-daily to keep your smile free of plaque build-up and food debris.

– Your tongue can harbor bad bacteria, so always clean it with a toothbrush or tongue scraper.

– Dry mouth can contribute to decreased saliva flow, which is a known risk factor for bad breath. You can increase saliva flow with crunchy or watery foods or by chewing sugarless gum.

– Visit your dentist regularly for oral examinations and routine check-ups.

– Visit your dentist every 6 months for a professional cleaning.

– Avoid unhealthy habits such as smoking and chewing tobacco which can immediately cause bad breath to arise.

Bad breath treatments may be the dentistry service you need. For an oral checkup at Britex Dental at our dentist office in Austin, Texas, please schedule an appointment with Dr. Brendan Loehr and our team by calling our office at (512) 362-7130.