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An accidental blow to the mouth or a hard fall can sometimes knock a tooth out of its socket. This can cause significant pain, bleeding, and distress. In a moment like this, applying some simple first-aid and taking steps to preserve the tooth can help manage the situation while you seek emergency care from a dentist like Dr. Brendan Loehr.

If the knocked out tooth is whole he might be able to install it back into its periodontal socket. For this treatment option to be viable, the tooth must be adequately preserved.

This can be done by holding it in your mouth between your cheek and gums, or keeping it in a Hanks Balanced Salt Solution. The Save-A-Tooth brand has been approved by the American Dental Association for preserving a knocked tooth. It can be found in the oral hygiene aisle of certain stores.

This suspended mineral solution can keep the tooth and any attached periodontal tissues alive while you seek emergency treatment.

If the tooth has been damaged or fractured at the gumline it might not be viable for reimplantation. In an instance like this Dr. Brendan Loehr might need to extract whatever remains of the tooth’s root. Once everything has healed he can help you understand the dental restorations available at Britex Dental.

If you are in the Austin, Texas, area and you have just suffered a severe dental trauma, you should call (512) 362-7130 to seek emergency treatment at Britex Dental.